Why You Need an Email Marketing Copywriter

Businesses Get an Astonishing ROI of 3,500% with Email Marketing

For Every $1 You Invest, You Earn $36!

Email Marketing Has a Higher ROI than Any Other Digital Marketing or Offline Strategy

Email Marketing Makes Businesses Money

  • Increase customer acquisition, conversion, and retention
  • Get focused messaging to target audience
  • Educate and engage customers to build trust and credibility
  • Drive sales of products and services with every email
  • Increase traffic to websites and blogs
  • Turn subscribers into motivated buyers

Why Hire Me As Your Email Marketing Copywriter

I love to read emails. Even the ones that appear in my spam folder. I analyze them to understand why I want to continue reading or what puts me off immediately. I dissected every cold email to see if I was motivated or engaged in what the company has to offer.

My training as a Direct Response Copywriter and my work experience in the marketing department of B2B and B2C companies allows me to help you. As an email marketing copywriter. I create persuasive email campaigns for my clients that get the results they need for ongoing growth.

What Clients Have to Say . . .

You are an excellent writer.
– Beth P., marketing administrator of online agency

This is great!  I love it as is! 
– Missy W., lifestyle website owner

I am impressed with your writing.
– Kyle S., owner of digital marketing agency

I love your samples. I always want to work with you.
– Taylor G., content creation agency owner

Ready for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign to Get Great Results?

If your goal is to sell more products and services and increase business profitability, email marketing is the solution,

Please send a message to louise@blue-scribe-copy.com today, so I can help you create new email marketing campaigns or improve your current campaigns.




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